Lakeview Golden Shelties
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Sheltie Love
Shelties Golfing
Sheltie Picnin
Sheltie Christmas
Sheltie Christmas
We are sooo cute, you have a treat right?
Golfing at the beach with our "ball fetchers".
Sunday afternoon picnic at the beach.
Do we get gifts too?
Treats right? You have treats right? right?...
Sheltie Trapped
Sheltie Puppies
Sheltie Puppy
Sheltie Concentration
Sheltie Home
Gandalf likes skunk bait better than the skunks
There has got to be a way out of this!
Look, I'm flying!
Food!  She has food!  Look guys food!
Yes we all fit in this house!
Tiny Puppy
Puppy Nap
Sheltie Laugh
Sheltie Puppy
Singing Sheltie Puppy
This was the only way we could keep her still to take her picture.

Aaahh puppy naps.

Best joke I've heard all week
I love snow...I think?!
Pixie singing on command.  The cat is going to find earplugs!
Bilbo over the spread jump.
Chloe on the teeter.
Gandalf over the spread jump.
Gandalf in the weave poles.
Bilbo through the tire jump.
Shaded Sable
Blue Merle, Tri Colour, Shaded Sable
Shaded Sable
Shaded Sable
Tri Colour and Blue Merle
Golden Sable
Shaded Sable
Blue Merle
Shaded Sable
Shaded Sable
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