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Welcome to our site.  Feel free to browse around and look at our shelties. There is a sheltie waiting by a mailbox at the bottom of each page, just click on the sheltie to send us an e-mail. 

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Sheltie Sable, Tri colour, blue merleSheltie Sable, Tri colour, blue merle

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We are a small kennel on the Fundy coast of New Brunswick, Canada.  Our family consists of four humans, six shelties, and six cats. I became the proud owner of my first sheltie, Sasha, when I was 18, quite a number of years ago. Below is a photo of Sasha.  I aquired my husband a few years later and Sasha grudgingly agreed to share.  Sasha unfortunately developed cancer and shortly after the birth of our first child, Sasha passed away.  Over the years we have had other shelties and in 2005 we decided it was time to expand. That is how Chloe became part of our family.  She was quickly followed by Gandalf, Fiona and Bilbo.  Then we added Rhya and decided to keep Pixie, one of Fiona's babies.  We currently do agility with our dogs and have set up our own agility arena on the property.  To see our family or our puppies click on the pictures below. Also visit New Horton Lake Inn or Horses of Eden located on the same property. We welcome visitors to see our dogs, puppies, agility, Inn, or horses.

This is Sasha, my first sheltie. Afte seeing a Disney movie about a sheltie at age 12, I was captivated by the beauty and intelligence of the breed and decided then and there that shelties were the breed for me. After Sasha developed cancer, as well as our next sheltie, I began to question what I was doing that could be contributing. That quest continued over the years and after extensive research all of our dogs and puppies are raised as naturally as possible. They are fed a natural raw diet and are vaccine free as well as having natural treatments for parasites. I am pleased to report that I have never had dogs as healthy or happy since we have switched to a natural mindset. If you would like more information about our natural rearing methods or if you would like to purchase some of our natural food please contact us.

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Raw Food Ordering Information

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